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View Funnies Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Worlds Best Bricklayer
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First, let me explain this joke. It's actually a two-part joke. Not sure how you would want to send it out (perhaps send out the first half, then 'fake' apologize the second day and send the second half? Dunno...)

First half:

A small town in north America decided to see if the could cash in on the tourist industry. The council convened, and it was decided to build Americas largest mall. Now, they wanted to do this right, so the hired the worlds best bricklayer. They flew him in from Europe, and when he arrived, he announced that, after having looked at the blueprints, he would need exactly 45,349 bricks. They were stunned. How could he possibly know the exact number of bricks he would need? But, after all, he was the worlds best. So they ordered 45,349 bricks. After a while, he got down to the last wall, the last course of bricks, the last brick, and finally, he was done. He climbed down off the ladder, and started gathering up his tools. When he turned around, he noticed a brick laying there. So, he picked it up and threw it. Just threw it out in the road.

Second half:

A little old lady hopped on the bus with her little dog, and the only seat that was open was by a man who was smoking a cigar. So, she sat down and kindly asked the man if he could put out his cigar because it was making her dog yap. "I can't put it out. Your dog is making me nervous so I have to smoke," came the reply. They fought back and forth for several more stops. Finally, she had enough. She grabbed the cigar and threw it out the window. So he grabbed the dog, and threw him out the window. They sat in silence, until they came to the last stop on the line, and they both got off. When the bus pulled away, who should come trotting up the road but the dog. And do you know what he had in his mouth? That's right! The brick!

Received from Bryan Childers .

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