Malapropisms from r/boneappletea #1
Sent Monday, May 13, 2019

Just because you can say a word doesn't mean you can spell it (or even get close). The following is some of the malapropisms found on reddit.com/r/BoneAppleTea/. Of course, we only picked some of the clean ones, so visit the site at your own risk.

...which is widely "except a bowl" - acceptable

He just ended "home a phobia" - homophobia

Has anyone gotten "sell you lightest" from a blood draw? - cellulitis

He was "discuallow fide" - disqualified

You look "for meal your" to me - familiar

I like the "try angles" under the eyes... - triangles

It's a "doggie dog world" out there! - dog-eat-dog world

They "clothes" school - closed

Not to add to the "disk horse" but... - discourse

Must sell: "chester draws" - chest of drawers

Me and my dad spent some "koala t" time together - quality

LOL! I'm in "tiers" - tears

I had a "mind grain" again - migraine

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