Malapropisms from r/boneappletea #2
Sent Friday, May 17, 2019

Just because you can say a word doesn't mean you can spell it (or even get close). The following is some of the malapropisms found on reddit.com/r/BoneAppleTea/. Of course, we only picked some of the clean ones, so visit the site at your own risk.

I realized it was a "double aunt Andre"... - double entendre

You "minus well" do it - might as well

Asbestos has great "fire rodent" properties - fire retardant

I would like to "perches" that - purchase

He threw his "boom a range" - boomerang

My nephew has two great "pier knees" dogs - Pyrenees

some guy from "ballet parking" stole something from my car - valet parking

I'll give you an "in death review" - in-depth review

She is about to hit "meta pause" - menopause

Oh the "ironing" - irony

If the "zombie eclipse" was happening... - zombie apocalypse

Me and "ellen the generous" when I go on her show... - Ellen DeGeneres

Nothing but "milk toast" opinions - milquetoast

I have reached "end lighting ment" - enlightenment

That is very "app lickable" to the situation - applicable

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