Sent Thursday, September 17, 2020

The devil told the pope, "No one in the world has a better memory than I do."

The Pope responded, "Oh! Well I know this Native American guy who has the best memory in the world and I'll even prove it."

Then the devil replied, "OK, I'll take your offer and if I have a better memory I get your soul."

"It's a deal" replied the Pope. Then they shook hands to make the deal official.

They went to a remote village in North America. There they met Roaming Bull (the Native American the Pope was talking about).

The devil asked him, "Do you like eggs?"

The Native American replied, "Yes."

50 years passed. Everyone is still alive and have forgotten about the deal. However the devil remembered the deal and went back to the village and greeted the Native American saying, "How."

He replied "Scrambled."

Received from JHughey.

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