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Sent Thursday, August 4, 2022

Kim Beall wrote the following on a product review on Amazon.

My screwdrivers kept disappearing out of the kitchen drawer - the only possible explanation had to be that a ghost was doing it, because both my husband and my son swore they never touched them. I mean, the tools often showed up in my husband's workshop or on my son's bedroom floor weeks later, but that was probably because it's one of those poltergeists who likes to move things around, because why would these dear people who love me ever lie to me, right?

So I bought some new screwdrivers and some of this tape, in PINK. After I wrapped this tape around the handles of my screwdrivers, voila! Like magic, they stopped vanishing from the drawer! Amazing, right? I'm going to get some more for my hammer and my pliers, now.

Received from Jerry Endres.

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