GCFL.net Logo Contest Voting Info

There have been 5 votes (from 1 members) received so far. If you have not voted, check out the gallery and then follow the instructions below to vote.

Go to the Logo Contest page for more information about the contest.

Last modified: December 04 2003 17:13:00.
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Voting has ended (September 15, 2003). You can see the results here.

We've setup an automatic voting-by-email system so you can vote on the top five logos that you like. That's right, you get five votes. We will allow voting for about one month to give everyone a chance to get in their vote.
If we find that people are abusing the system with bogus votes we may have to change the rules.
We will update this page when there are changes. We will also send notes about the contest using the mailing list.


Quick rule list:
1. You MUST have exactly 5 votes.
2. You can vote for the same logo more than once.
3. You must put the list of logo numbers in the subject of an email to gcfl-vote@gcfl.net.

This voting parser is quite dumb, so you have to help it figure out what your votes are. ;-)
Send your votes to the automatic voting machine at gcfl-vote@gcfl.net. It needs you to place your 5 votes in the SUBJECT of your email. There should be only 5 numbers seperated by commas. The 5 numbers will be the numbers of the logos you want to vote for.

For example:

To: gcfl-vote@gcfl.net
Subject: 1,2,3,4,5

will place votes for logos 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
The machine records your email address along with your vote. If you send more than one email with votes, only the last email will be remembered. So, if you want to change your vote, you can just send another email with your new votes, and they will replace your other votes.
Please send email to gcfl@gcfl.net if you need help, and we will try to reply in a timely fashion.
Thanx for participating in the GCFL logo contest voting.