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        Welcome to the FreeCOM Home. Here you will find the current release of the Command Shell in ZIP format, patches, a To Do List, Wish List, Contributers List and information on what has been done lately. The FreeDOS Command Shell was first started by Tim Norman circa 1994. He stopped maintaining the project May 26, 1998, that's when John Price took over. This software is part of The FreeDOS Project and is released under the GNU GPL. There currently is a mailing list for the FreeCOM Project, for more information, try here. The goal of the FreeCOM Project is to provide a 100% compatible DOS command line interface [compatible to other, more "standard" DOS CLIs].

        The Shell supports the following features, to name a few:

  • Environment handling with prompt and path support;
  • Command-Line history with DOSKEYish abilities;
  • Batch File Processing;
  • Alias support; and
  • Filename completion support.

        The FreeCOM version 0.76 hot out of the compiler, get your copy here, TODAY!!
But FreeCOM Team, why should I get the latest version?
Why? There are a number of reasons:

  1. More bug fixes!
    1. Fixed CTRL-BRK Handling;
    2. Preserved ECHO state in interactive command line;
    3. ALIAS escaping done withasterisk (*);
    4. And many more...
  2. You will have the workings of a COPY command,
  3. Support for CP/M style devices [CON: LPT: ...]
  4. More compatibility for program exectution
    1. Use of /c must be without a space between /c and command;
    2. Support for /c: /c= and stuff like /c:dir/?;
    3. Support for/p:AUTOEXEC_replacement.
  5. For more information about what's new since 0.75,read this.

Any BUGS/Wishes/Comments? EMail: The FreeCOM Mailing List

Latest is COM076 [Development is: COM076B]

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