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Known Bugs

  • COMMAND.COM has problems when loaded from the CONFIG.SYS. Apperently MSDOS does not create an inital environment, so COMMAND.COM has to It does not. [May be fixed now]
  • When switching to a drive with no disk in it, it doesn't notice, and you get garbage.
  • Listing the directory of an unformatted drive will result in the screen filling with garbage and the system hanging.

Reported Bugs

  • From: Steffan
    • let set work with or without the '=' sign. People like it that way.
    • The DEL access()/stat() stuff is still broken (included in my last buglist report)
  • From: Yury Semenov
    • "alias v = dir" doesn't work because of the spaces. [Fixed]
  • From: John P. Price
    • History. If you typed a long command line (one that wraps to the next line), then if you go back and forth with the up and down keys, it scrolls the screen in a weird way.
    • command.com uses too much memory!
    • make filename completion search for exe and com files that match if you press tab while typing the first word (the command).
    • Typing "?" or "??" runs the first program that matches, likewise with the "*". Wildcards should not be accecpted as commands.
  • From: Charles Dye
    • DIR displays incorrect year values for dates 1-1-2000 or later. Perhaps it would be better to always display years as four digits DIR /P automagically adjusts to different screen heights. Great! But DIR /W doesn't adjust to different widths. [Fixed]
    • CD followed by a drive letter (but no directory name) should display the current directory for the specified drive.
    • VER displays the version of COMMAND.COM -- good. But it should also show the DOS version as well. It might also be nice if VER checked for FreeDOS specifically (OEM number of FDh) and displayed a special message, the DOS-C build number, etc. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to reserve /R for detailed DOS info like DOS-is-high, DOS-is-in-ROM, subversion, etc. (like MS- and PC DOS do.)
    • DEL / ERASE now support the badly-missed /P switch. Great! Put it in the DEL /? syntax screen! Also, DEL misses files with the Hidden and System attributes -- I'm not sure whether that's a bug or a deliberate feature. [Fixed] Note: This was actually done by Tim, when I worked on the command I left it that way. -- Rob
  • From: Rob Lake
    • Command line like: cd ..dir/w breaks.
    • When executing a program the path is searched first before the cwd.
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