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        The To Do list is the list of commands, shortcuts, etc. that are usually associated with any other DOS' Command Line Interpreter but not yet implenented in this Shell. Also, this list contains things that need to be rewritten. This list is probably incomplete, if you used the shell and are missing something, please email one of us.
  • Fix bugs :)
  • Support the DOS=HIGH directive in CONFIG.SYS
  • Optimize the code! For size and speed. There are numerous places where the code is hardly optimal for either.
  • Swap out when exec'ing? YES! Unless running from a floppy?
  • ^S and ^Q to pause/resume displays.
  • Fix COPY command [-- done??]
  • Add wildcard support to REN.
  • Support for Win95 LFN
  • Make the permanent COMMAND.COM store the messages in memory [done] and have some way for any other instances of the COMMAND.COM use these same messages in memory. Maybe the DOS Multiplexor Interrupt? Does COMMAND.COM have a MSDOS reserverd MUX handler number?
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