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The Pot and the Kettle
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Pot: "Hello. Is Kettle home?"

Kettle: "Maybe. Who's this?"

Pot: "It's Pot."

Kettle: "Pot? I left you a message, like, five hours ago! Where've you been?"

Pot: "Don't get all steamy. Here I am, the Pot calling the Kettle back."

Kettle: "It's black, stupid. The Pot calling the Kettle black."

Pot: "Why would I call you black? You're not black. You're copper. But what's wrong with black? I'm black."

Kettle: "Nothing is wrong with black. Black is fine. It's just an expression."

Pot: "I do a really good expression of a bowling ball."

Kettle: "That's impression. My gosh, I forgot how dumb pots are."

Pot: "Oh, look! It's the Kettle calling the Pot dumb!"

Kettle: "That doesn't even make sense."

Pot: "Not to a Kettle."

Kettle: "No, seriously -- it doesn't work. You can't just take 'Pot calling the Kettle black' and turn it into 'Kettle calling the Pot dumb.' The first one makes sense, but yours is just dumb."

Pot: "You just did it again! Called me dumb! See? Kettles DO call pots dumb! Ha! Mine is true, and yours is dumb!"

Kettle: "Oh, geez. Mine is NOT DUMB."

Pot: "Is too! Is too! I called you BACK, not black, and you tried to tell me I called you black, but I didn't!"

Kettle: "Good grief! I was just trying to tell you that the phrase goes, 'The Pot calling the Kettle black.'"

Pot: "But I didn't call you black. You called me, so I called you back. B-A-C-K!"

Kettle: "It's an expression! AN EXPRESSION!"

Pot: "Like a bowling ball?"

Received from Carolyn Johnson.

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