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Reprints Thursday, June 13, 2024

Copyright and Use/Reprint Policy

This web site's design and content are owned by John Price & GCFL.net © Copyright 1996-2024.

Unless stated otherwise, GCFL.net is not the author of the funnies (jokes or other humorous material) on this site, and do not claim ownership of those funnies. In fact, it is assumed that such funnies are in the public domain. Funnies that are known not to be in the public domain are marked appropriately. If you own the copyright to a funny on this site and it is not marked as such, please contact us and we will either remove the funny or give appropriate credit, whichever you prefer.

Each funny has an attribution to the person or organization that submitted the funny to GCFL.net. This is to give credit to that person or organization for submitting the funny to GCFL.net for possible use, and not to imply they are the author. Authors, when know, will be explicitly acknowledged.

If you would like to use GCFL.net material (either from the web page or received via email), you are welcome to free of charge. However, we require the following:

  1. Use the Contact Form or send an email to reprints at gcfl dot net with brief details of how you will be using the material,
  2. Somewhere near the reprint of the funny include the URL http://www.GCFL.net and the email address info@gcfl.net.
  3. In the case of funnies that are not public domain, you MUST include the appropriate credit and copyright information as it appears in the funny.

Along these same lines, we ask that if you forward a GCFL.net mailing, please leave the subscription information at the bottom on the message so that others can learn how to subscribe to the service if they so desire.

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