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A Complete Search
Date: Sent Thursday, February 28, 2013
Category: None
Rating: 3.14/5 (139 votes)
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A Scotchman with the romantic name of Bruce Wallace made history at London's famous Scotland Yard shortly before the war. He actually demanded an interview with the head of the Yard to report that he had lost a shilling on Old Bond Street and that he had been unable to find it.

The Scotland Yard official fell into the spirit of the occasion and assured him that the entire London Police Force would be put on the job.

That night, as fate would have it, something went wrong with one of the gas pipes under Old Bond Street and fifty workmen were dispatched to locate the source of the trouble. They dug a ditch six feet wide straight across Old Bond Street, stopping traffic completely, of course, and exposing all the underground pipes to the open air.

Early in the morning, the bereaved Scotchman appeared on the scene, took one look at the repair work in progress, and shook his head with reluctant approval. "I must say one thing for the rascals," he admitted. "They're thorough."

From Laughing Stock, Edited by Bennett Cerf, Grosset and Dunlap, NY, 1945.

Received from Thorn Shunt.

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