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Funnies Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Dogs And Computers: Same Or Different?
Date: Sent Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Category: None
Rating: 2.07/5 (56 votes)
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Favorite Food
Dogs: kibbles
Computers: bits

Method used to end undesirable behavior
Dogs: hit with rolled up newspaper
Computers: hit control-alt-delete

After destruction of personal property
Dogs: dog not found
Computers: file not found

Favorite trick
Dogs: roll over
Computers: play dead

Comic-page hero
Dogs: Dogbert
Computers: Dilbert

Fun way to mess with their heads
Dogs: peanut butter on roof of mouth
Computers: peanut butter in CD-ROM drive

Consequence of virus
Dogs: replace valuable carpeting
Computers: replace valuable data

Waste disposal tool
Dogs: pooper-scooper
Computers: CCleaner

Sensitive internal procedures
Dogs: must be undertaken by fully qualified professional
Computers: may be undertaken by that guy at work who fixed one kind of like this once

Method of marking territory
Dogs: lifting leg
Computers: "Designed for Windows"

Unique behavior
Dogs: lick and drag
Computers: click-and-drag

Inexplicable physical feature
Dogs: declaw
Computers: scroll lock key

Estimated lifespan
Dogs: 12 years
Computers: 12 months

Received from Irene A. Mystery.

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