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Funnies Saturday, November 17, 2018

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Thanksgiving Definitions 2 of 2
Date: Sent Friday, November 24, 2017
Category: None
Rating: 1.33/5 (52 votes)
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KINDRED: Fear that relatives are coming to stay. (Internet Source)

MATING RITUAL: Trying to coordinate holiday dinnerware, glasses and silverware. (MsSam)

OLD-TIMER: One who can remember when folks sat down at the dinner table and counted their blessings instead of calories. (Internet Source)

OPTIMIST: A woman who leaves the holiday dishes because she'll feel more like washing them in the morning. (Variation of an Internet Source)

PUMPKIN PIE: Congealed weapon. (Charles Waugh and MsSam)

RECIPE: A series of step-by-step instructions for preparing ingredients you forgot to buy, in utensils you don't own, to make a dish even the dog won't eat. (Internet Source)

STUFFED: How you look when you rebuckle your belt after Thanksgiving dinner. (MsSam)

THANKSGIVING: 1) When one species ceases to gobble while another begins. (Based on a statement by R. E. Marino)

(2) Waistful holiday. (Charles Waugh)

(3) A holiday that always falls on Thursday because the Pilgrims came here in search of a four-day weekend. (Internet Source)

THANKSGIVING DINNER: 1) Half-time feast.

(2) A time-consuming event that takes an hour to eat, a day to cook, a week to arrange, and a month to bounce back from. (Based on a statement by Robert Orben)

(3) Giving your family the bird. (Charles Waugh and MsSam)

TIME TO STUFF A RUBBER TURKEY: Pranksgiving. - Joseph Leff

TURKEYS: (1) The stuffed of which dreams are made. (Statement by Charles G. Waugh and Kathy Sweet Waugh)

(2) Native American chicken. (Charles Waugh)

(3) A fowl bird. (Internet Source)

Received from Stan Kegel.

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