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View Funnies Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Air Force Nicknames
Date: Sent Thursday, April 19, 2018
Category: None
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Back when I was in the Air Force, in the 50's, nicknames were used primarily to identify formation members. For instance, I was "Panic." A four-plane formation would make me "Panic Lead" while the other three planes would be "Panic 2," "Panic 3," and "Panic 4." However, when we were not in formation, our ID was simply the plane identification number: AF Jet 19555. Or, as we called it, "The Triple Nickel."

We all loved to fly that thing. As soon as we'd take off, that was who we were, "Triple Nickel."

I remember coming back one to Laredo AFB after a cross-country flight. I contacted the tower and said, "Laredo tower, this is Triple Nickel chromium plated stovepipe, space ace on base, boots down and laced, like to bounce and blow!"

Obviously the tower had heard that kind of stuff before. They didn't even hesitate in answering, "Roger dodger, Triple Nickel, chromium plated stovepipe, space ace on base, with your boots down and laced. You've got the nod. Hit the sod."

Submitted by B.B.

Received from Richard G Wimer.

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