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View Funnies Friday, May 29, 2020

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How's Your Hearing?
Date: Sent Friday, March 13, 2020
Category: None
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A man went to the doctor for his annual physical examination. After the doctor had examined the man, he asked "Is there anything else you'd like to discuss today?"

The man thought a moment and said, "Yes, as a matter of fact there is. My wife has gotten so hard of hearing that often she doesn't hear me and she refuses to get her hearing checked. What can I do about this?"

The doctor thought for awhile and then said, "I have an idea for you. Next time you see her and she is not looking, say something to her and see if she hears you. Then see how close you have to get before she hears you. Let me know what happens."

So the man went home and went into the living room. He saw his wife with her back to him and she was at the kitchen counter getting dinner ready and he stood at the far end of the living room. He asked in a reasonable voice, "What's for dinner tonight Honey?" As usual, she did not respond.

So he took a few steps closer and said again, "What's for dinner tonight Honey?" Again she did not hear him and there was no response.

So he took a few steps closer and asked a third time, "What's for dinner tonight honey?" Again there is absolutely no response. So he gets right up behind her and asks again, "What's for dinner tonight Honey?"

At this point she turns around and faces him and says "For the FOURTH time, Beef Stew!!!!"

Received from Anonymous Fan.

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