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Nontraditional College Student
Date: Sent Thursday, April 8, 2021
Category: None
Rating: 1.30/5 (57 votes)
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My sister Julie is a nontraditional college student. She returned after having raised her children, still lacking a PE credit. The class she was advised to take? Weight lifting!

After, the initial shock and orientation wore off and the first class began, she called me bemoaning her fate. "Sis, I knew I was in deep trouble when I broke a hard sweat and was out of breath. And, we were just doing the warm-up stretches!"


The continuing saga of my nontraditional (lot older) college bound sister: Having survived the first week of initial weight lifting class. Julie called me asking if I still had our mother's walker. She wanted to use it for her PE class!

The reason? When Julie did the lunges for warm-ups she couldn't get back up!

Received from FEB141994.

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