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View Funnies Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Broken Eggs and Crushed Bread
Date: Sent Friday, March 10, 2023
Category: None
Rating: 3.24/5 (51 votes)
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I was working at the grocery-store checkout counter, and a woman and her son came through the line. The son unloaded the cart. Two eggs in a carton had been broken, and half a loaf of bread had been mysteriously crushed. His mother chided him, remarking that she would have to make French toast with the injured items. He looked properly repentant until his mother walked off. Then he whispered to me, "A friend told me to try the broken egg/squashed bread routine. That's how he gets his mom to make French toast for him!"

Contributed to "Life In These United States" by Judith Cutcher, Reader's Digest

Received from DailyInbox.

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