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Press Release Saturday, May 18, 2024

Playboy Acquires GCFLApril 1, 2006

HUNTSVILLE, AL -- (Business Wire) -- April 1, 2006 -- Playboy magazine, an internationally recognized adult entertainment magazine, has announced this morning that it has reached a preliminary agreement to purchase GCFL, a popular family-friendly entertainment web site and mailing list, for nearly $1.1 million.

GCFL (the Good, Clean Funnies List) operates a web page and mailing list that distributes good, clean jokes to their members. It was started in 1996 by John Price and is one of the most successful and longest lasting clean-only joke sites on the Internet.

When asked what plans Playboy had for GCFL, Bob Wolf stated, "Playboy is well know not only for the quality of the visual material we provide, but also the outstanding reading material. GCFL's jokes will add to that quality. Also, we plan a huge marketing campaign using the substantial mailing list that we will acquire from GCFL."

In an interview, Mr. Price said, "I know that some of the members will think this is a bad idea. The staff and editors just about had a fit! But they don't seem to see the bigger picture here. One of GCFL's primary goals is to reach the largest possible audience with our good, clean humor and Mr. Wolf has assured me that Playboy will uphold our goals." Mr. Price continued, "I hope that GCFL members will give the new owners the generosity and support they always have in the past."

Later, when asked if he had completely lost his mind, Mr. Price stated, "OK, so maybe this is a bunch of bunk, but a million dollars is a million dollars! Yes, I will probably feel bad about this, but I hope the new house and yacht I plan to buy will offset any guilt I have now."


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