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View Funnies Sunday, February 5, 2023

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Just Pretend It's A Feature
Date: Sent Thursday, January 12, 2023
Category: None
Rating: 2.42/5 (121 votes)
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This telecommunication repair technician is called in to deal with a phone problem for a customer: "The mute button keeps flashing on extension 37."

And it wasn't the first time the issue had been raised. "I was the fourth repair technician to be faced with it," says the tech. "I already knew there was no way to fix this problem, since there would be no fix by the manufacturer."

So he goes over to the desk of the user at extension 37, introduces himself, surveys the situation and says, "Oh, you have the system monitor phone."

"What's that?" customer asks.

"If that light ever stops flashing, it means there's something wrong with the CPU," the tech explains with a straight face. "In that case, please call us and open a ticket for replacement of the CPU."

And that's it. "The phone user seemed honored to be trusted with such a responsibility," says tech. "We never got another call back on that matter."

"And yes, that service call was no charge."

Received from Thomas Ellsworth.

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