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View Funnies Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Johnstown Flood
Date: Sent Friday, February 24, 2023
Category: None
Rating: 4.21/5 (48 votes)
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The story is told about an old minister who survived the great Johnstown Flood. He loved to tell the story over and over in great detail. Everywhere he went he would he would spend all his time talking about this great historic event in his life.

One day he died and went to heaven. There in a meeting in heaven all the saints had gathered together to share their life experiences. The old minister got all excited and ran to St. Peter (who, naturally was in charge) and asked if he might tell the exciting story of his survival from the Johnstown Flood.

St. Peter hesitated for a moment and then said, "Yes, you may share, but just a remember that in our audience tonight will be Brother Noah."

Received from Steve Anderson.

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